Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro - Black

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Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro - Black. The Buckshot Pro three-in-one Bluetooth speaker changed the game for cyclists, campers, music lovers, and people afraid of the dark globally. With powerful yet directional sound, an LED light attachment with four settings, an integrated power bank, and an included durable mounting strap, this Hi-Fi sound machine is a lot more than just a speaker.
Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro - Black. It features powerful wireless Hi-Fi sound that connects with any Bluetooth enabled device with clean highs and deep lows pumping from the passive bass port. 100 Lumen removable LED light attachment with four settings; Lantern (Bright and Dim), Torch, and Strobe for ultimate safety. Built-In USB power bank that will charge your phone about once fully. Included multi-purpose mount strap to affix top your bike, golf cart, pack and more. Rugged IPX5 rating for dustproofing and water resistance, rain is not our enemy. • Play Time: 10 Hours (using speaker only) • Standby Time: 200 hours • WEIGHT: 0.42 lbs • INCLUDES: LED Accessory, multi-purpose mount strap, Micro-USB charge cable, User Manual, and 2 ODT stickers.
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