Nanofixit 3-in-ONE - liquid screen protector (Tablets and/or Smartphones)

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NanoFixIt 3-in-ONE Liquid Screen Protector is an anti-bacterial, anti-UV radiation, scratch resistant, hydrophobic invisible glass coating for any size of tablet. One package is good for 3 devices.

A single drop of NanoFixIt 3-in-ONE Liquid Screen Protector applied to the screen of your smartphone makes the glass Ultra Scratch Resistant. We protect your electronic screens against scratches usually caused by for example coins or keys that your smartphone is exposed to on a day-to-day basis. Nanofixit ONE liquid screen protector completely replaces any other screen protector available in the market and is stronger than sapphire or tempered glass.

Researchers have discovered that there are more bacteria on the average mobile phone than you will find in a toilet. Our technology contains titanium particles that have significant antibacterial benefits and ensure that your screen stays bacteria free. This anti bacterial coating also seals the glass surface making it less exposed to smudges and finger marks.

Plastic screen protectors destroy the vividness and clarity of your original screen. With NanoFixIt 3-in-ONE your tablets’s screen is crystal clear in the way the smartphone manufacturers intended it to be. In fact, the nanoparticles in NanoFixIt 3-in-ONE actually increase the vividness of your screen, its colours and brightness. The effect is so evident that you can actually lower the brightness of your screen and save battery life.

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