Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

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Simply curve the mouse to power it on, and flatten to power off. Then, toss it into your pocket or bag. Plus, you can you use the Arc Touch Mouse just about anywhere, like rough wood surfaces and carpet — even up to 30 feet away. It’s the perfect solution for portable productivity.
Comfortable, elegant and eye-catching, this mouse is designed for quick use and easy storage. Just curve the mouse gently to get started. And when you’re done, power down by flattening it out. Use BlueTrack Technology on virtually any surface, from rough wood to carpet. Responding precisely to the speed of your finger movement, the Touch Strip scans through documents or web pages entirely by feel. Choose from two ways to scroll, with your finger movement or in the opposite direction with 2-Way Touch Scrolling. Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Connectivity works with Surface and other (SmartReady) Bluetooth 4.0-enabled PCs and tablets.
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