Frequently Asked Questions


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Question: Are all your smartphones new and original?

Answer: All our items, which can be found at are brand new and in original package from manufacturer. 


Question: Can I collect my order personally?

Answer: There is no possibility for you to come personally and pick up the order you have placed on website unless agreed otherwise with our Customer service.


Question: How does the warranty work?

Answer: All items have official manufacturer Philippines warranty, and this warranty is valid in official service center of respective brand of smartphone you have purchased.


Question: Can I buy a smartphone from argomall together with postpaid contract?

Answer: does not offer smartphones with postpaid plan at the moment. All our smartphones that we sell are unlocked and can be used in all the Philippines mobile networks unless specified on the smartphone feature tab.


Question: Is it possible to cancel my order and what is the procedure of doing it?

Answer: Before you pay for your smartphone, order can be cancelled at any moment. If the payment transaction is finished, you can still cancel its order by simply sending us an email with all details of purchased smartphone, explanation why you want to cancel the purchase and your contact information. Also, order can be cancelled without any additional charges while order is still in a possession of and until the order or request for its delivery is not handed over to a courier service. If the order or request for its delivery has already been sent to the courier service, customer can still cancel the order, but in this case customer will be charged for all delivery costs and will also be obligated to send the order and all its accessories that he received within the order undamaged back to at its own expense. After receives the order back and its undamaged condition is recorded, customer will get money refund in time period defined in Terms and Conditions.


Question: Can I return my smartphone, what is the procedure and what is the time frame to be refunded?

Answer: In cases that consumer after receiving his order decides within 7 days that she/he is not satisfied with the smartphone and wants to return it, she/he can do that by shipping the entire content of order, smartphone and all of its accessories back to at its own expense. When verifies that smartphone is intact and all its accessories are properly returned, customer will be refunded. If you decide to return items from your order for any reason, before sending it back, please send an e-mail with all information (smartphone details) as well as an explanation why would you like to return your order, together with your contact information to You will be contacted by us and provided with all information to return your order. From the moment when clients order gets delivered back to argomall in undamaged condition, will provide refund within 14 days or customer will be sent a voucher in the same amount, which can be used for purchasing on argomall website. Consumer has choice to choose voucher or money refund.


Question: Do you offer installments?

Answer: argomall now offers option to apply online for Home Credit Installments. This option is currently available only for customers in Metro Manila. If you want to learn more about when this option will be available nationwide please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook.


Home Credit Installments

Question: What is Home Credit?

Answer:  Home Credit Philippines (HC Consumer Finance Philippines) is part of the Home Credit Group, a leading global consumer finance provider with a prominent presence and leading market share positions across Europe and Asia. Home Credit is focused on providing affordable, flexible, simple and convenient loans to consumers through our advanced loan processing system.


Question: How many products can I purchase with my application?

Answer:  You can only purchase one (1) item at a time when applying for Home Credit Installments. Carts with more than one item will not be able to apply for Home Credit Installments.


Question: What is the minimum price of the item I want to purchase to be eligible for Home Credit Installment?

Answer:  The product must be at least PHP 3,900 to be able to apply for Home Credit Installments.


Question: How do I apply for Home Credit installments?

Answer:  You may just click "Avail for Loan" button right on the product page or you may add your item to the cart and proceed to check-out as you normally would.

Via "Avail for Loan" button (red):

Just fill in the form and click Submit at the end of the form, that is it. We will send you confirmation of your order (don't worry, it shows the full amount of the item), however your order is via Home Credit Installments and once approved you'll only pay downpayment followed by monthly Installments.

Via Checkout:

Select “Apply for Home Credit Installments” as the payment method. Once you place your order, you will be automatically redirected to form application for Home Credit Installments.


Question: I do not see "Apply for Home Credit Installments" option in checkout, what is wrong?

Answer:  Currently this option is available only to Cebu, Davao and Metro Manila residents. If you are Cebu, Davao or Metro Manila resident, please check that your item is above 3,900 pesos, you've entered correct zip code and that you only have one item in your cart.


Question: What are the requirements to apply?

  • Fill out the application form (you'll be automatically redirected once you place you order)
  • Within the application form, you will be asked to upload your photo as a file or via your camera
  • Prepare minimum two valid IDs (list of accepted IDs can be found here) and input the ID numbers provided


Question: How long does it take to be approved for the Home Credit application?

Answer:  The approval process is usually completed within 24 hours. Once confirmed, argomall will contact  you via email and call to agree validation of your details and signing of contract at your address.


Question: How much is the down payment?

Answer:  We recommend that you pay the highest down payment you can provide, for lighter monthly installments. You can choose down payment amount in the form.


Question: What is the minimum/maximum loan period?

Answer:  Loan period varies but generally it is between 9 – 24 months depending on category of the item.


Question: My application was accepted. What do I do next?

Answer:  You will be contacted via email and call by argomall once your application is accepted by Home Credit and we will give you details on when you could sign contract with Home Credit at your address, and receive your item.


Question: My application was rejected. When can I apply again?

Answer:  Please try to apply again in 3 months.


Question: How can I pay my Home Credit loan?

Answer:  To ensure your utmost convenience and avoid penalties and charges, Home Credit have partner payment channels available nationwide, 24/7 even on holidays.


Question: What if the item purchased was lost/stolen/defective, will Home Credit or argomall replace it?

Answer:  For defective items under warranty, customers may coordinate directly with argomall where they purchased the item. Home Credit is a financial service that provides the fund for purchase of various items but not the good itself.


Question: What if I am unable to pay on time?

Answer:  Please consult the terms and conditions you have agreed upon in the contract.


Question: How do I get my item?

Answer:  You will be contacted by argomall regarding the schedule of signing the contract at your address; after which you shall be able to acquire immediately your purchase.