Argomall shows support to Contract for the Web

Argomall, strong advocate of cybersecurity, is one of the very first Filipino company to sign the Contract for the Web. Contract for the Web is a set of principles designed to save and make the internet better. It  is a global action plan launched by the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee. In an interview with The Guardian, Berners-Lee said that it aims to save the web from actions that may eventually bring “digital dystopia”. 

The Contract for the Web contains nine core principles, three each for the government sectors, private companies and individuals. The principles uphold data privacy, internet accessibility and affordability and dignified discourses. According to The Guardian, 80 organizations worked together for more than a year for the contract. 

As of this writing, 160 companies and organizations including tech giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft have already shown support by endorsing the contract. By endorsing the contract, they promise to work on solutions in accordance with the stated principles otherwise they will be removed from the list of endorsers. Karel Holub, Chief Argonaut of Argomall, agrees with Berners-Lee that we do not need a 10-year plan for the web because we need to start now more than ever. In fact, Argomall, the fourth largest eCommerce in the Philippines, has partnered with several schools in the Philippines since 2018 with the objective of creating educational discussion on the importance of cybersecurity. 

Holub shares, “At Argomall, we strive to build and maintain Trust and Authenticity. Securing our customers’ data is one of our top priorities which should be a must for every eCommerce platform. Fortunately, we have Argo/Squad to make sure that our platform is up to date on the latest security updates and best practices.” 

Argo/Squad is Argomall’s digital real estate arm which offers services ranging from web development and maintenance to digital marketing consultancy to prepare companies for the e-commerce revolution. 

A study commissioned by Microsoft found out that Philippines could potentially hit $3.5 million economic losses due to cybersecurity incidents. Since the internet is a tool that has grown to be a necessity, both private individuals and businesses are at risk. Holub urges other Filipino companies to endorse and adhere to the Contract for the Web.